When it comes to the latest winter wheat seeding numbers, the USDA says 40% of the crop is in the ground this week.  Meteorologist Brad Rippey said that figure is about 4%-5% behind the five-year average as well as where growers were this time last year.


“You have to think that since the weather has been wide open across all of the major production areas, the Plains, the Northwest, and the Midwest, some of that delay is related to people not wanting to take a chance, dusting in the crop.”


But Rippey pointed out that growers in northern state are starting to run out of time, and can’t afford to delay planting much longer as they continue to wait for rain showers.


“You’re quickly running out of time, because you just don’t have enough warmth, enough warm days or weeks left, to get the crop well established, before dormancy sets in.”


Many of the northern states, including all three from the PNW, Montana and Nebraska are all dealing with very dry soil conditions.


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