The U.S. Grains Council held its 62nd annual Board of Delegates Meeting in California during the final week of July.  During the three-day event, Minnesota grain farmer Chad Willis wrapped up his term as Chairman.

“Just being able to lead the organization, I guess. The delegates elected me three years back into the officer rotation. It's been an honor to lead it. And a lot of the guys here know I've never been a person that likes to travel. So, I think the highlight has been learning to travel and feel more comfortable. Granted, when we first started traveling, the worry of getting back out of a certain country because you'd have to take a COVID test before coming home was kind of frightening. A lot of times, you didn't know until a few hours before your plane was supposed to leave whether or not you could go or not.”

Willis said in the current climate, its vital farmers get involved in Ag organizations and leadership.

“I see guys of all ages getting involved in Minnesota Corn, where I started and how I got to U.S. Grains, so everybody's got their timetable," Willis continued.  "But it's very important because there are people that are telling the ag story, and it's not the story that we probably want to be told. And if we're not out there telling our story, you can't complain about what happens on the corn side and ag policy or in trade policy and stuff like that.”

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