The USDA recently wrapped up its Ag trade mission to the Philippines.  How did FSA Administrator Daniel Whitley described the trip?

"We had a very busy schedule; very busy schedule.  Let me tell you that a third time; a very busy schedule."

Whitley said the trip covered a variety of topics, and commodities.

"Market briefings, sight visits; we met with a number of key government officials.  My understand is that there were nearly 500 business to business meetings that allowed our delegation to directly explore those opportunities with these new buyers and importers in the country."

Representatives from 29 US agribusinesses and farm operations and ten state departments of agriculture were part of this USDA sponsored trade mission.  In addition, two memorandums of understanding were signed.  An and ethanol oriented MOU and one focused on pork and biosecurity technical assistance to prevent African swine fever.

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