Much of the country remains very dry as we start the second week of the New Year.  With the exception of Washington, drought numbers held steady last week across the Northwest and across the country.


Currently 37% of the Evergreen State is where it should be soil moisture wise for this time of year.  In addition, the amount of the state under a D-1, or Moderate Drought dropped from 22% to 9% in the past week.


However, Idaho showed no change, with nearly 22% of the state still under a D-2 or Severe Drought.  The driest conditions remain in the southern portion of the state.


And in Oregon, while there has be a moderate improvement with 13% of the state now on par with where it should be, Extreme and Exceptional droughts remain in the central portion of the state.


The Northwest is not only the only dry area across the county.  Extreme Droughts have been reported in California, Montana and Utah, while parts of the Great Plans are dealing with D-3 and D-4 drought designations.


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