The Inland Northwest continues to get hit by rain.  And while theses showers have pushed rain totals to near record marks in some portions of the region, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.  According to Dennis Hull with the National Weather Service, blame the rain on a very active weather pattern, that just wont quit.


“Quite a bit different than last April when we had dry warm conditions and we lost all of our snowpack and conditions were already curing out vegetation was already starting to dry out by the end of April in many areas.”


Hull said compared to 2015 and 2016, the growing degree days across the Inland Northwest are much later.


“But close to the long-term average [for much of the Columbia Basin], except up in Wenatchee.  We’re looking at three to five weeks behind the growing degree days there, compared with the last couple of years.”


Hull said on the plus side, soil temperatures are back in the mid 50s, and could warm slightly in the coming week.




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