According to NASS, 2021 Washington Total Farm Production Expenditures dropped 6% year over year.  Farm Production Expenditures in Washington are estimated at $9.07 billion for 2021, down from $9.69 billion in 2020.  The four largest expenditures at the state level accounted for 56% of total expenditures last year; that included labor at 25%, Farm Services at 13%, Feed coming in a 12% and fertilizer, lime, and soil conditioners at 6%.

In 2021, average total farm expenditure per farm in Washington was $256,799 down from the previous year average of $272,958.  This is higher than the United States farm expenditure average per farm which was $196,087 in 2021, up 8% from the previous year.

attachment-Washington Farm Expenses 2022

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