The most updated Washington apple crop is below earlier expectations. According to the Washington state Tree Fruit Association said current figures put this year’s harvest 10% below the 134 million 40 pound boxes predicted at the start of August.

Industry experts said there are several reasons behind the lighter crop loan, from fewer apples per tree, to recent windstorms and weather events to more selective picking in the orchard to improve pack outs. The eight core varieties in this year’s harvest include, Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Cripps Pink, Golden Delicious and Cosmic Crisp.

“It is the growing consensus that the 2020 apple crop will be lower than earlier published estimates.  This can be attributed to both a reduction in the quantity of bulk bins harvested, as well as lower conversion yields to packed boxes,” said James Foreman, Chairman for the Washington Apple Commission Board of Directors.

Not only is Washington the top producer of apples in the country, Washington represents 85% of all U.S. organic apple production. Apples are the number one produced commodity in Washington and have a $3 billion state economic impact.

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