"This is an attempt by USDA and AFIS to partner with state, local and industry officials to be able to advance protection of our important economic treasure in our livestock industry,” said Ag Undersecretary Greg Ibach referring to this week’s announcement of the latest efforts to advance animal disease traceability, particularly in the beef industry.


"What we've established is what information we need to be able to do that. We're going to free the industry to use any kind of technology they want to be able to get us that information," Ibach added.


With USDA and its partners developing the infrastructure to allow for electronic sharing of data, in addition.


"In order to facilitate and help producers transfer in to be able to start collecting data, we are going to participate in the cost of electronic tags, if the producers choose to use electronic tags."


With plans to move forward with partnerships and implementation throughout fiscal year 2019.



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