Work continues at the USDA to improve animal disease traceability.  During a recent trip to Oklahoma, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue he discussed his department's role, and partnership with others in the industry to address the issue.  When it comes to the technology itself.


"The USDA is not committed to determine the winner and loser in the technology. We just want the ability to trace these animals all the way back from the consumer to that birthplace there. We think we can do it without being overly oppressive on the producers in that way."

Perdue noted that there have been several advances when it comes to technology, such as what's call block-chain technology.  The Secretary also noted consumer demand for information on their food supply will, in the long term, drive animal disease traceability efforts and methods.

"I would rather have the consumers drive that from consumer choice, than the USDA mandate it."


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