With a growing global population, and increased environmental expectations, farmers are in a challenging spot right now.  Ashley Green, Digital Ag Solutions Marketing Lead for Syngenta, said farm country will need to increase food output by 1.7% annually to keep up with that demand.  All while calls grow louder for climate smart commodities and farming practices.  Green said Syngenta is there to help, with the AgriEdge program.


She noted AgriEdge looks to empower producers to make faster, data-driven decisions, while improving yields and returns on investment.


“Practices including minimum tillage, crop rotation, and effective nutrient management, and maybe precision application of inputs, are really going to be what turns those farms and fields into more carbon sinks, or carbon sponges if you will, and we are going to help growers remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in that way by providing solutions for them and encouraging and supporting them to adopt these climate smart farming practices.”


Green added farmers have a natural desire to make these adjustments, but sometimes costs, education or resources can be a challenge.  She noted that’s where AgriEdge can help.


“Growers have always done a great job and cared about stewarding their land, which is their most precious resource.  But in order to meet that global demand we are going to need to get aggressive in dialing in our Syngenta business operations a little bit further, and helping growers dial in their farming operations a little bit further, to enable a more sustainable future so the generations ahead of us can meet their needs for society."


Green added this effort looks to allow the farmers of today to meet the current needs, while allowing the farmers of tomorrow to address the concerns that they will face.


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