In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Biden declared before Congress. 


“The state of the union is strong...”


“...and we're here today to ensure that it continues to strengthen agriculture,” added Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack when he spoke this week to an audience at North Carolina A&T University.  The Secretary was talking about a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening the farm and rural economy.  One big initiative: helping farmers adopt climate smart practices and profit from producing climate smart commodities.


Vilsack said yes adopting those practices will likely cost money, and take expertise that most producers don't have.


“So the Department of Agriculture working in partnership with a variety of other folks including great universities, like this one, will basically provide the resources to allow you to embrace climate smart practices.  And then work with markets that are ready willing and able to pay for those climate smart commodities.  Why?  Because their customers are asking for it.”


Vilsack says there are 141 such climate smart pilot projects now going on across the country.


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