Whether it’s from the USDA or early Farm Bill conversations, producers are hearing more and more about climate smart ag, and how to incorporate the practices into everyday operations.  But if you’re like most farmers, you’re hesitant to spend a lot of money for practices or equipment with which you’re not familiar.


That’s where UNDO can help bridge that sometimes intimidating gap.


Zoe Young, U.S. Agricultural Business Development Manager for UNDO Carbon, said at their core they are a carbon removal company, that specifically works with agricultural entities, such as land owners, business owners, etc. that have large farming networks, so UNDO can spread crushed basalt rock on farm lands.


“So, this is something that all growers, all producers, all farmers can use," Young noted.  "They don't have to change anything about their practices and they get the soil benefits.  So, this is a great way to dip your toe into climate smart agriculture.”


She added many of the farmers that she’s worked with have been surprised how simple UNDO makes those climate smart decisions.


“The reaction is: that was so easy, I really thought there would be a catch, now I just get to enjoy the soil samples that I've received for free, and I get to enjoy all of this data and see what happens next with my field.  There's a lot of data that supports yield increase more vibrant colors, lots of really fun things that; we don't guarantee these things, there's a lot of different growing practices out there.  But it is cool they get to know that their pH will be balanced, there will be that buffer and also they get to go ‘well, will it be a little greener this time? will, I get a little bit more? let's see.’  And it's a cool experiment that's backed by a lot of data.”


Young noted with their location in Yakima, they are positioned to help a variety of producers across the Pacific Northwest.  Click Here to learn more about UNDO.



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