It’s not just dry in eastern Washington. Drought conditions west of the Cascades has prompted Whatcom County farmers to call of immediate action to protect fish and farming. Dillon Honcoop with Save Family Farming said isn’t not about not having enough water, but rather having enough water at the right time. He added there needs to be a solution to the Nooksack River basin’s water mismanagement.

"This drought just highlights the issue here as well as the risk for local food and farming as the state pushes the concept of water rights adjudication​ that could end a lot of the progress that is needed to better manage our water.”

Honcoop added all parties involved to address the issue of mismanagement immediately. Honcoop, said the process they're purposing at the state level would delay needed action for another two or three decades.

"Farmers want to work together with those who care about fish, streams, communities to find solutions that benefit everyone and find win wins via collaboration rather than fighting each other in court.”

Honcoop compared the Whatcom County issue to the issues with the Yakima Basin that lead to court cases and legal strife for years.

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