In Late May, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife unveiled an updated Wolf Management Plan; four year later than scheduled.  Jerome Rosa, Executive Director of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, said while not exactly what they wanted, he was happy with increased collaring, as well who can investigate depredation, and the number of depredations in less than a year before lethal action can be taken.


While the livestock industry expressed satisfaction with the updated plan, some including Governor Kate Brown very vocal how unhappy they were with the updated Wolf Plan.  Rosa said Brown’s comments after the updated plan was released were confusing.  Rosa said her reaction, flies in the face of previous comment by Brown, praising efforts to increase the wolf population.


“The species has been recovered has been recovered in the state of Oregon, and that the wolf plan has worked and in fact has been successful.  So, I think this is mainly a reaction to the fact that a lot of the environmental community was very upset.”


Rosa know that wolves are now the new norm in the Northwest, so the question is how to coexist.  From here, he said the wolf plan must address management areas.


“We really need to move to a phase four, in the next revision to the plan.  And really be able to outline not having any particular area having a huge number of wolves like our guys are suffering with in Wallowa County.”


Rosa said the OCA is also working legislatively to get more funds to help ranchers impacted by wolves.





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