For the first time in over a year, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease has been confirmed in domestic rabbits in Oregon.  State Veterinarian Dr. Ryan Scholz said 21 rabbits from one Multnomah County property died over a 72-hour period.

“The strain that we have and have been dealing with also is able to infect North American wild rabbits and jackrabbits. That really worries us because of the ecological damage that this virus could do if it gets into, especially, some of the threatened or sensitive populations of wild rabbits.”

In addition, two Lane County rabbits died from RHD Tuesday.

Scholz says the advice they’re giving rabbit owners is in fact very similar to the advice given to backyard poultry owners to stave off bird flu.

"Keeping domestic rabbits and wild or feral rabbits separate. Utilizing good bio-security: If you’re buying rabbits from someone, checking out the health of those rabbits, making sure that they haven’t lost rabbits recently; making sure you’re quarantining those new rabbits before you add them in with yours.

The last time Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease was reported in Oregon, June 2021 in Deschutes County.  Rabbit owners with mortalities to track the virus’s presence and movement. Call (800) 347-7028 or visit the ODA’s Website to report domestic rabbits suspected to have died from RHDV2.

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