On Thursday, RDO will hold another clinic to help growers prepare for the upcoming growing season.  This event will take place in Othello, and will focus on those that work in the orchards or vineyards.  RDO’s Erin Hightower said Thursday’s efforts will focus primarily on pest management.


“There will be lab testing done for cholinesterase and some of the other baseline labs that need to be done for the grower season.  And the last portion of that day, we’ll have the Washington state Department of Agriculture being our guest speaker.  They’ll be talking about how to calibrate, how to check your nozzles on these boom sprayers and how to do it safely and how to know when to spray and when not to spray.”


Hightower said they will also devote a portion of Thursday’s clinic to tractor maintenance, ensuring implements are ready to hit the ground running once the snow has cleared.  She said another thing making Thursday’s clinic unique, it will be offered entirely in Spanish.  And those that need Washington pesticide credits can do so in Spanish.


To learn more, call (509) 448-5222.  Thursday’s Othello Orchard event runs from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.



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