Portland’s city council recently voted to phase out petroleum diesel sales and replace the product with biofuels.  The policy focuses on diesel fuel, phasing in requirements for cleaner, renewable fuels, with the goal of achieving 99% renewable blend of all diesel fuel sales in Portland by 2030.  The rulemaking process and the interim rule allows flexibility to adjust the policy based on real market conditions.


While renewable fuel producers are confident that supply will be available in Oregon by 2026, the rollout timeline was extended to 2030 in response to concerns from local industry about supply and cost.  City leaders said the efforts reduce dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels by increasing the required percentage of renewable fuels blended with petroleum diesel.  


The standard only applies to retailers of diesel fuel located within the city of Portland.  Replacing petroleum diesel at the pump is one of the 43 priority actions listed in the Portland Climate Emergency Workplan.


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