The Pacific Northwest Canola Association will hold their annual workshop Wednesday, January 25th, at the University Inn in Moscow, ID.  Karen Sowers, Executive Director of the PNWCA, said this year’s event will be slightly different, with several strong speakers and presenters in the morning, with the afternoon focused on more Q&A sessions.  She noted while canola growers have enjoyed successes over the past couple of years, weather has been problematic for many across the area.  And the workshop will be a great opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.


“I can't imagine anybody's going to come to this and not walk away with one nugget of something else that you're thinking ‘oh, I thought I did know everything but how about that’.  Drill modification or wow, I've never thought about looking at that for plant population or harvest settings, or I guess I could look at storage," Sowers said.  "I think it's a huge advantage is not only listening to experts in canola production and marketing but talking to other growers, and crop advisors.  Just learn something that you may think you knew but maybe you didn't.”


Sowers added advanced registration is $20 for the full day, and she noted participants from Montana, southern Idaho, all over the PNW have already registered.  She asks that RSVPs be made by the close of business Friday, to ensure that they get a proper head count for food and other materials.


To learn more about this year’s Workshop or to register check out the PNWCA’s Website; click the yellow bar at the top of the website:


Click Here to see Wednesday's agenda.


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