Whether its when you're shopping at your local grocery stores, or in on-line ads, you've probably seen more plant-based protein offerings both in the retail and food service sectors over the last two years. Two brands particularly seem to have more consumer awareness according to researcher Christine McCracken. And she notes that's due to a combination of advertising and low barriers to entry into the market.

"'Beyond,' they really went after the retail market had a heavy focus on marketing; kind of a marketing machine. And 'Impossible' had a clear strategy of going after food service."

Which not only offered that low barrier of entry, but had additional advantages for food service like restaurants and consumers to try it.

"Generally, when you present it at Food Service that's all under the control of the establishment. And so there's a great way of presenting kind of a really quality product that tastes good," McCracken added. "The other side of it too, is it's lower cost of trial. You can get the product pretty quickly and try it and if you don't like it you haven't made a huge financial commitment."

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