Day two of our Northwest Farm Credit Services’ quarterly commodity snapshot series, and today we focus on the tree fruit industry.  Bill Perry, Vice President at NWFCS said their 12-month profitability outlook anticipates slight profits for pear growers.


“The 2022-23 crop estimate came in similar to last season and early reports suggest good quality and a favorable, though slightly small, average size profile.  Marketing strategies continue to evolve to meet changing consumer preferences. Input costs remain significantly above pre-pandemic levels and are pressuring margins.  Inflation is eroding consumer wealth and may impact spending habits.”



When it comes to the 12-month outlook for apple growers, Perry said they expect breakeven conditions.


“Excessive heat in 2021 and cool, wet weather in the spring of 2022 will lead to a small crop. While demand remains strong, high-cost producers and packers with insufficient throughput may struggle. Crop insurance will be important for many growers.” 


Join us Wednesday as we turn our attention to area livestock and focus on beef and dairy.


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