Oregon’s gubernatorial race was historic on several fronts, three former state lawmakers, all women, all making a strong showing in polls prior to election night.  Oregon State University Political Science Professor David Bernell said the outcome is also noteworthy, because it’s such a close vote.


“The third-party candidate is what made this such a tight race, such a squeaker for Tina Kotek to win.  But, you also saw that support for Betsy Johnson started dropping in the last week or so; what the latest polls were showing.”


Bernell suspects some Oregon Democrats saw the late polling and realized a vote for Johnson could give the election to Drazan.  He added polling has become increasingly unreliable.


“Especially in smaller local elections or Congressional districts. One; there just always isn’t enough money to put out really good strong polls. But, one of the biggest problems, there are so few people that respond to calls or emails from pollsters now, that it really throws off the results."


Bernell believes that’s what happened all over the country, where predictions of a “red wave” didn’t come true.


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