We are just days away from election day 2022.  And despite several statewide races, including Governor, U.S. Senate and all House positions, at last report, voter turnout across Oregon is just over 19%.  That figure is lower than many experts expected.


Oregon State University Political Science Associate Professor Chris Stout said negative campaigns could be turning people off.


“I think it’s particularly lagging amongst young voters, and so that’s probably not a good sign for Democrats.  At least nationally, that has been the case.”


While numbers are soft right now, Stout anticipates the gubernatorial race to encouraging participation in the home stretch.


“Maybe because it is a closer election than in the past, a lot of people are weighing their options more than when the election’s largely decided, and are taking a little more time before they turn it in."


Stout said he doesn’t think overall turnout will be significantly lower than last mid-term election back in 2018 when voter turnout finished at 68%.


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