This election season, Oregon’s Department of Transportation is reminding property owners about rules surrounding the placement of political campaign signs. ODOT’s Don Hamilton said those signs are not allowed in the state highway right-of-way, even in rural, isolated segments of the state.


“People on private property are certainly entitled to place political signs as they want to on their roads. But, we’ve got to make sure that they’re not unduly distracting the drivers on the road.  They can’t have, you know, flashing and intermittent lights or animated and moving parts; that’s the kind of thing that distracts drivers when they’re in view of the road. And they can’t imitate official highway signs or highway devices, that sort of thing.” 

That means signs can’t be larger than 12 square feet, unless you get a variance, and they’re not allowed in scenic corridors. Hamilton says signs that violate ODOT rules will be removed.

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