Hop production has seen a significant increase nationwide over the last two decades, thanks to the craft beer industry.  But as NASS' Lance Honig explains, this year's annual production forecast is all about one region of the country.

"We're still focused on the Pacific Northwest; all of our estimates they are coming out of Idaho, Washington Oregon, [the three major hop producing states]."

"There's just been an increase year after year after year; new record new record," Honig continued.  "And so right now what we've got out is our forecast of acre strung for harvest this season and for the 1st time since 2012, we're actually seeing a little bit of a drop in those expected acres this year."

With both Washington and Idaho reporting lower production this year.

"But, at nearly 60,000 acres strung for harvest this season," Honig said. "it's still the 2nd highest number of acres on record."

Meanwhile, Oregon is  reporting at 9% year over year increase in hop production.​

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