Maybe you use checklists when it comes to things around the farm that need to be done.  Or maybe you use checklists for your kids’ chores.  Or you might use a checklist when picking up a few things at the local store.

Regardless of how and when you use them, the National Farm Medicine Center is encouraging you to add one more checklist; a farm safety checklist.


“You’ll be doing things with tractor safety, there’s a tractor safety check list an ATV safety check list, then later in the year, we’ve got some grain handling safety checklists,” said Scott Heiberger is with National Farm Medicine Center.


Heilberger said regardless of the time of year, making sure everyone on the farm is thinking safety is a priority.  He said as we prepare to transition from summer to fall in a few months, those lists and the needs change.


“In addition to those grain handling safety checklists I mentioned, also, animal handling both low stress animal handling, if you have to do some working with needles, injections and things like that.”


As well as farm safety checks for the winter months, regarding equipment maintenance, shop building and electrical and heat safety.  Click Here for additional safety tips.



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