May 2018 beat out Mays in three other years to become the hottest on record.
"Dropping to number two on the list, 1934, number 3 is now 1936-- both of those years being the Dust Bowl Era. Now, dropping to number four on the list is 2012.," says USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey.
"As a whole, we actually saw above average rainfall during May 2018. The number, the ranking overall is the 55th wettest May during the 124 year period of record."
It may not seem impressive, but it's much better than the previous champions.
"For example, May 1934, driest May on record. May 1936 was the third-driest May. And May 2012 was not quite as dry, still, it was the 27th driest May, and then we went on to have our 4th driest June on record, so thinks just kept getting worse as we went along."


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