Another critic has emerged of President Trump’s approach to trade.  And this one was a long-time senator from his own party.


Richard Lugar was a six-term Republican Senator from Indiana, and he twice served as the Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee.  At a recent event put on by the organization Farmers for Free Trade, Lugar was vocal about his disapproval of the President.


“I don’t believe the president has overall strategies when it comes to trade.  I think that he has reacted to what he feels are challenges by other countries.  And I’m hopeful that he will move on to a time in which he does surround himself with more people who have this background.”


The Trump administration said NAFTA renegotiations were the first domino needed to move other trade deals forward, including a bilateral agreement with Japan, a new deal with the European Union, and then with China.  Lugar noted that passage of the USMCA in Congress is not a foregone conclusion.


“But at this point, it appears to be an improvement, but I think we’re going to be analyzing what other factors beyond those that have been publicized or are a part of this, because that would be the gist of congressional debate.  There will be some members who feel their interests have been overlooked.”


Lugar is a co-chair of Farmers for Free Trade along with retired six-term Democratic Senator Max Baucus from Montana.



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