Many in the farming community feel the Ag industry was, at the very least, left out of many legislative conversation this year in Olympia. And some feel legislation targeted Washington Farmers.

For example, as logger, farmers and others rallied last week in Olympia protesting House Bill 1110, the Low Carbon Fuel Standards, lawmakers introduction House Bill 2957. Under this new proposal, the state Department of Ecology would have wide covering jurisdiction when it comes to diesel, oil, and natural gas. Pomeroy’s Mary Dye said make no mistake farmers will take a direct hit under House Bill 2957.

“It exponentially increases the cost of your diesel every year.  So, $5 diesel, $7 diesel, it continues to go up it never ends.  And it was so broad in the ability of Ecology to determine the rules that there was no limit to it.”

Dye said House Republicans tried to add amendments to the legislation which she says would have taken a look at local economies negatively impacted. But she noted the majority party was not interested.

“And they wouldn’t even do a cost benefit analysis of this rule to see how much it will impact our economy, which, it will be a huge burden on every aspect of our economy.  Fuel runs our economy.”

She added, this stricter low Carbon Fuel Standards, like other pieces of legislation, would create a moving target that would be extremely difficult to hit. Dye said House Bill 2957 is also a great example of how Washington Democrats failed to follow proper protocol.

Despite the late hour of the 2020 session, House Bill 2957 could still pass, because of its roll with the budget.

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