More than 160 log trucks invaded the state Capitol Campus in Olympia Monday.  Drivers and those that work in Natural Resources were in town, protesting House Bill 1110, which would create a new low carbon fuel standard.  The proposal could add up to 63 cents per gallon to diesel.


“This proposed legislation is really not going to help the environment,” said Republican state Senator Sharon Brown.  “What it’s really going to do, is put a heck of a lot people out of business and raise the cost of food and timber and many other things across the state.”

State Representative Jim Walsh, who represents one of the largest timber areas of the state, said the bill will hurt Washingtonians in a variety of ways.


“They’ve tried these low
carbon fuel standards in other states, notably California to our south, and it
doesn’t do anything for greenhouse gas emissions,” Walsh said.  “So it really doesn’t do anything. It just
generates more money for Olympia. And Olympia has not been kind to small
businesses recently.”

The log truck drivers are part of the Timber Unity group.  Click Here to learn more about HB 1110.

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