The USDA said placements of cattle in feedlots during July totaled 1.892 million head, 11% higher than in July of 2019. That number is larger than what industry experts had predicted going into last Friday’s report. Feeding operations needed supplies, especially cattle that could be turned around in a short time. Most of the placements weighed between 700 and 900 pounds. The cattle placed in July will be marketed through the winter and into early spring.

By weight, placements of cattle less than 600 pounds totaled 420,000 head. Placements between 600 and 699 pounds were 315,000 head, and placements of cattle between 700 and 799 pounds totaled 435,000 head. In the heavier weights, cattle between 800 and 899 pounds numbered 458,000 head, 900 to 999-pound cattle totaled 195,000 head, and 70,000 of those placements totaled more than 1,000 pounds.

July cattle marketings were 1.99 million head, 1% lower than last year. The total number of cattle on feed as of August 1 was 11.284 million head, 2% above 2019, and the highest inventory for the month since the series of reports first began in 1996. Nebraska was among the highest states with 2.22 million cattle on feed.

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