Much like it has been all year, input costs remain one of, if not the top concern for cattle producers across Idaho.  Cameron Mulrony, Executive Vice President of Idaho Cattle, said feed costs are high, fuel prices have returned to some of the highest levels we’ve seen this year, and it’s all dragging the bottom-line of ranchers.  


He added issues with the supply chain have also been a big problem for producers.  He noted whether that’s sending or receiving, ranchers can’t have their products wait on a shelf until boat and truck traffic improve.


“We got to go out there and feed those cattle every day, and we got to go out and do our job.  You know, if we can’t find a product, we’ve got to find a way to replace it, we’re talking about a living, breathing animal here.  Animal husbandry is important to every producer, we want to make sure that they are taken care of, so that’s one thing that really puts the pinch on our production is that we don’t have that option.”


Mulrony pointed out he’s hopeful things will improve for local producers in the months ahead.


“We’re just hopeful to get through this winter, and an inventory of cattle is probably going to be worth something as we see our supply kind of dip at a national scale, and we know what that means for basic supply and demand dynamics that there’s a shorter supply, demand will be high and increase our calf prices.” 



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