The U.S. International Trade Commission recently said fresh, chilled, or frozen blueberries are not being imported into the U.S. at a fast enough rate to cause injury to domestic producers.

“As a result of the recent vote, the investigation will end, and the Commission won’t recommend a remedy to the President,” the USITC said.

The decision is a win for blueberry exporters that target the U.S., such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Canada.


The American Farm Bureau said the ITC failed to recognize the damage that certain imports are doing to American farmers.

“Seasonal fruit and vegetable farmers face unfair competition from foreign growers, and today’s decision demonstrates that much work still needs to be done to address international trade imbalances,” said AFB President Zippy Duvall. “Importing blueberries during the U.S. harvest season leads to lower prices for domestic growers, who are price-takers and not price-makers. They need time to adjust their operations to increased import levels.”

The Farm Bureau says it will continue to work with the USDA, U.S. Trade Representative, and the Department of Commerce to find meaningful assistance for America’s domestic blueberry industry and make sure U.S. farmers get a fair price for the food they grow.

Click Here to read the entire report from the ITC.

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