For years, pundits and so-called experts have forecasted the demise of the American Ag industry.  American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall said from where he sits, the future of agriculture is very promising.


I think the future is bright because the young people I'm in front of are excited, they're energetic, they're passionate and they're really ready to be on farm do all the work. And my call them is do that, take care of home and take care of your family, take care of your faith, but make sure you are a part of organization bigger than them so they can make a difference and that's Farm Bureau. And we welcome them to come to the table because what makes us strong is when we get everybody at the table.”


When it comes to the year ahead, the Farm Bill is a top priority for all of agriculture, including AFBF.


“We've done our homework, we’ve had a farm bill working group working together for a year and a half now and we have identified our priorities and we've taken it to the board. So, we're moving forward. The biggest challenge we've got is that in the last two elections, we've had new people come to Congress, and if you look from the House over to the Senate, there's 260 members that have never been involved in the discussion of the farm bill. So, it's our job as Farm Bureau members and Farm Bureau leadership to make sure that we develop those relationships.”


Duvall added the Farm Bill is not the only issue top of mind for the AFBF.


“I talk about the farm bill, but there's many, many, other subjects, whether it be regulation, whether it be transportation, whether it be Waters of the U.S., you know, we're heavily involved in all those in watching for new issues rising to the top to make sure that our farmers and ranchers are aware of them and that they're given the information so they can be engaged in the right level. I just need everybody to play their role. And their role is to be engaged in whatever way they feel comfortable in doing that. Anytime that they spend helping us get that message across is a time well spent and payback will be many times over.”


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