Global hunger and malnutrition pose significant threats to U.S. national security, according to a new report commissioned by Farm Journal Foundation.  The report, authored by researchers from Texas A&M University, examines how global food insecurity is linked to numerous geopolitical risks. Increasing investments in agricultural development and innovation would help mitigate these risks by enabling developing countries to improve their crop yields and better feed themselves.


Lead author Dr. Edwin price said, "Investments in improving farm productivity in developing countries would go a long way toward addressing the root causes of many national security risks."


The report makes a series of recommendations for how the U.S. can invest in long-term global agricultural development. This includes increasing investments in global food and nutrition security programs and research and innovation within the government's Feed the Future initiative. The report also suggests supporting Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research funding in the Farm Bill.


Click Here to read the entire Farm Journal Foundation report.


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