The recent cold temperatures we saw across the Northwest, what kind of damage should ag producers expect?


"So as we move in to states like Washington and Oregon, for example, we have seen multiple freezes starting the middle to latter part of last week and continuing through the weekend and even in to the early part of this week," noted USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey.

"Those freezes have had potentially some impact on stone fruits like cherries and peaches. And that is something that is still being monitored," Rippey added. "A lot of times it takes quite a bit of time to really determines the whether it was a thinning freeze, where you lose a few percentage of the crop, or you have a significant freeze, where you lose the majority for the crop."

Rippey continued there is a fine line for all blooming fruit trees.

"You can have a devastating freeze, let's say 24-25 degrees versus a minor freeze with temperatures in the upper 20s. so very dependant on exact location and the pay of the orchard."

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