Joe Coote, said Darigold is renewing its commitment to expand and modernize production, allowing for an expansion of products on the global stage.  The CEO of the Seattle-based diary co-op says thanks to not only their recent groundbreaking in the Tri-Cities, WA area, but expansion of facilities in Lynden and Sunnyside WA, as well as Boise, ID, the company is able to focus more on value added products.


“We will continue to make the great products that we've always made, but we will be going into higher tier products.  So an example of that is infant formula; so we do some other products that are more for babies you know beyond that sort of infant stage which is the first six to 12 months.”


Coote said the demand for these products exists overseas, which will uniquely position Darigold, allowing Northwest producers to more efficiently compete on the global stage.


“These types of assets has typically been built in Europe and Oceania so their products have been out there they're proven it's not new technology but it is technology that we are deploying into the US to be able to have US compete into these types of applications in the global markets against the Oceania folks and the Europeans.”


Coote noted that Darigold has a bright future, noting the co-op has solid relationships through the value chain, as well as a strong product portfolio, which will benefit them now and into the future.



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