Since 2013, Darigold has partnered with Northwest Harvest to help address the growing problem of hunger across the state.  Recent figures indicate on average one in five Washington children are in homes that are food insecure.  To help, over the past four years, Darigold has donated more than 83,000 gallons of milk to help Northwest families in need.


Sarah Taydas with Darigold told the Washington Ag Network they are always happy to help.


“It definitely emphasis the essential nutrition that people and children, in particular, can gain from drinking milk.  So, we’re really pleased to be part of that.”


Taydas added donations lie this really shows who local dairy farmers are.


“Of the heart of the farmer, and what the farming community stands for in their hard work and their willingness to participate in the community.”


Darigold is owned by nearly 500 farmers.



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