Dairy department sales climbed by double digits in supermarkets across the country in June.  Supermarket News said dairy category sales totaled just under $5.1 billion for the month, 16% higher year-over-year. The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association added in its June marketplace update that unit sales did drop 2.4% from last year.  The IDDBA report continued the consistency of the weekly sales levels, all at least $1.2 billion, is encouraging because it means demand is holding strong especially compared to pre-COVID levels.

The biggest sales took place in the week leading up to Father’s day, with total sales of $1.3 billion. “Milk was easily the biggest seller in June at $1.3 billion,” the report said. “The next-biggest sellers were natural cheese and eggs, which moved ahead of yogurt with because of high inflation.”

The average price per unit for eggs increased to $4.10, over 51% higher than in June 2021.

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