The new President of the National Association of Conservation Districts is from the state of Washington. Michael Crowder of West Richland said this new role is an honor.


"I grew up in Southern Indiana, I understand the Midwest type farming. Now that I live in Washington state, I deal with irrigation issues every day, understand the low rainfall issues.”

Crowder, manger and shareholder of Barker Ranch, says on his first day as president, he shared that he was going to call for an aquifer task force, to draw down and recharge.

"I wanted them to report back to us on policy suggestions, do a look at aquifer issues throughout the United States, so both draw down and recharge. That's important in our area here in Eastern Washington.”

The NACD represents 3,000 conservation districts in 17,000 district supervisors in 50 states and 7 U.S. territories.

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