After years with Blaine Jacobson at the helm, the Idaho Wheat Commission has a new Executive Director. Casey Chumrau comes to the IWC after years of international experience with U.S. Wheat Associates, experience she said allows her to help the local grower in a challenging international market. One of the biggest issues facing Idaho growers right now, she noted, the fact that there’s a lot of wheat on the market.

“Productions has outpaced consumption for I want to say seven of the last ten years, but the advantage Idaho has and the U.S. in general, but especially here in Idaho, is that we produce a really high quality crop and we’re really able to identify what type of product the customer is going to get.”

Chumrau added for her one of the biggest issues for the industry as a whole, making sure there is a balance in the international marketplace.

When it comes to leading the IWC, she noted she will have big shoes to fill, but quickly added that Jacobsen and the entire staff have been extremely helpful ensuring a smooth transition.

What would she like to do in her first couple of years as head of the IWC? Chumrau said she plants to connect with growers across the state, assuring them they have a voice at the wheat commission.

“I think this is a great opportunity to kind of reconnect and see if the Idaho Wheat Commission is living up to the expectations of our growers.  And beyond that, I would really like to continue of course with our international market development, but also specifically ere the domestically market development.”

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