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An international company called Bluewhite just released an autonomous tractor-sensing package to provide plant-based spraying that can integrate into any existing sprayer. Not only does it drive itself, BlueSpray adjusts spray volume and pressure. Bluewhite says this will save growers money:

That's why we went with the aftermarket kit route. What we know is not building tractors. What we know is making systems that can operate autonomously.

The company believes apple and cherry growers will greatly benefit from BlueSpray.

They need this type of technology. They need something to help them with the labor shortages, with time.

When and how you spray can save on chemical and water usage.

It really puts the chemicals where they need to be and I think that's the most important thing as we go forward.

Bluewhite plans to offer demonstrations of BlueSpray in the coming months in Washington. 

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