The Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AgTC) is preparing for its annual meeting, held in Tacoma, WA from May 20 to 23, 2024. Registration for the event is open now.

The meeting will be held in the Greater Tacoma Convention Center, 1500 Commerce Street, Tacoma, WA.

A "nearly final" agenda has been provided and includes the following events and topics:

Tuesday, May 21

  • The 7th Annual Wine & Spirits Shippers Association Run-Walk
  • Global Ocean Shipping Overview (new routes mandated by Panama Canal & Red Sea/Suez)
  • Shipper Challenges and Strategies
  • Importing Perspectives on the Ocean Supply Chain
  • Perspective and Initiatives of the World’s Largest Container Carrier
  •  East Coast & Gulf Longshore Contract Negotiations Update
  • New Rules for Everyone: Federal Maritime Commission: Implementing OSRA: New Rules for Detention & Demurrage, Box Rules, Investigations, Enforcement
  • Big Changes: Chassis Box Rules – how Chassis Providers, Shipper, Truckers will fare
  • Can Ocean Carriers Finally Provide Data Shippers Need?
  • Technology – How can the exporter predict accurate ERD to Avoid Detention & Demurrage?
  • The Largest Port in the Western Hemisphere - Preparing for Return of Cargo Volumes
  • Post OSRA - New Relationship Between Terminals, Truckers, Carriers and Shippers
  • Another Way to Make Contracts “Stick”.
  • Move-it!! Streamline Supply Chain Connectivity for US Agriculture

Wednesday, May 22

  • Ocean Carrier Performance Survey Rankings Recap
  • Terminal Operations During Reduced Container Volumes
  • The Zero Emission Crusade – Threatening Port Drayage and the entire Supply Chain – Not Just in California
  • Rail – Still the Most Efficient
  • Inland Load Points - Essential for Ag Exports
  • What’s Coming This Year and Next for Ocean Shipping?
  • Northern California Wine Reception
  • AgTC Annual Dinner
  • AgTC Strategy & Policy (AgTC Members Only)

Thursday, May 23

  • Port Terminal and Facility Tours

About the AgTC

The AgTC was formed in 1987 to help ensure U.S. ag exporters could be competitive in international shipping. The Coalition actively monitors governmental and commercial activity, lobbies Congress on behalf of agricultural interests, and keeps members informed and supported through a variety of services.

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