While many of us may focus on spring cleaning our homes, garages, or even the sheds this time of year, the local Better Business Bureau says it’s important you don’t neglect your tablets, phones, laptops and smart devices.  Tyler Russell with the BBB said any device that connects to the web needs to be continually updated against the latest viruses and malware.  He noted that a user name and password, especially on sites that deal with money or personal information, are not enough.


“Make sure you fortify your on-line accounts with the strongest authentication tools available, security keys, or unique one time codes through an app on your mobile device.”


Russell added this time of year, it’s also a good idea to do a digital file purge.


“Go through your digital records, PC, phones, any device with storage as you do with your paper files.  Start removing the digital clutter by cleaning up your e-mail, unsubscribing to e-mails that you no longer need or want, and make sure that you’re backing everything up.  Copy important data to a secure cloud site, or another computer or drive, where it can be safely stored.”


Russell said its also important you password protect those backup drives.




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