It’s a new twist on an old holiday scam.  The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be on the look out for the latest social media “pyramid gift” posting scam, this involving wine exchanges.  The scams are all a little different, but typically you are told if you buy a bottle of wine, mail information to your friends, you’ll get several bottles of wine in return.


Kirstin Davis told the Washington Ag Network this is no different than the chain letters of the 1980s, asking you to mail $1 and $5 would come your way, as long as the pyramid stayed in tack.  She said not only will you lose money, but you also put your identity and the identities of others at risk.


“All of a sudden, there could be 15-20 people signed up to participate, and you’re sharing addresses, because you’re mailing things, and now you’re sharing personal information with people you may not know; you may not know everyone on that list.”


Davis noted participating is such as wine exchange may sound harmless and fun to participate in, however...


“You know, it doesn’t work, it’s against the law, and you really are increasing not just your risk of identity theft but those people on your friends list that you are sharing it with as well.”




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