Agroforestry as a climate smart practice...yes.  But Keefe Keeley Executive Director of the Savannah Institute, says there are multiple opportunities for farmers implementing agroforestry practices beyond climatic benefits.


“It really about integrating multiple enterprises into the same farm into the same landscape so that can be high value fruit and nut crops that can be timber and non-timber forest products integrating various crop and livestock systems and even multiple operators on the same farm so it's a great opportunity for new generations to come into farming and have a door and entryway there.”


Plus, Keeley noted, benefits from potential agritourism opportunities and conservation payments as revenue.


“What agroforestry represents is a means a way a set of methods for integrating trees and perennial vegetation into cropping systems and integrating trees into livestock systems broadband reporting for the U.S," Keeley noted.


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