The Western Growers Association says the Farmers Aid package proposed by the USDA this week falls short meeting the needs of fruit, vegetable and tree nut farmers.  According to a UC Davis study, the direct trade losses for U.S. fruit, vegetable and tree nuts growers conservatively top $2.6 billion.  When the price impacts on the domestic market are considered, the magnitude of damage exceeds $3.3 billion.


Western Growers said these figures only represent the immediate consequences; the longer term effects they say will be much more catastrophic, and potentially permanent.


“While our fresh produce is the highest quality in the world, farmers in competing countries can and will fill the vacuum created by the trade war. Once China and other export markets find replacement suppliers, it will be extremely difficult to dislodge them,” said Western Growers President & CEO Tom Nassif.


“Time is of the essence, and only one outcome will preserve our family farms: a rapid and successful conclusion of our trade conflicts and the restoration of commerce between American farmers and buyers across the globe,” Nassif continued.



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