In the current economic climate, farm country is looking at not only stretching every dollar, but also making sure business decisions turn out the best return on investment, time and more.


To help Syngenta has AgriEdge.

Shawn Hock with Syngenta said AgriEdge is a farm management program that can be customized to address the specific needs of your operation. He added AgriEdge allows farmers, regardless of the size of their operation, to work with their trusted advisors to make ROI based decisions.

“So, it combines agronomics, stewardship, service, economics, and technology.  And what we really feel excited about is we’ve had this program for 15 years and it never feels better than now than to really sit down and understand your numbers and understand what really is going to drive your profit this next year.”

Hock said AgriEdge works great for multigenerational operations, allowing all of the different personalities on the farm to communicate effectively, whether that’s day-to-day operations, or transitioning from one generation to the next. He added the key word with AgriEdge is planning.

“Knowing your numbers, and what’s going to drive your profit.  And that’s what we’re trying to do is help people make, not better decisions, by data driven decisions.”

Hock added, like any program, there is a learning curve with AgriEdge, but he added Syngenta provides support to address any questions a farmer may have.

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