The American Farm Bureau Federation is reminding all producers that the Census of Agriculture provides the only source of uniform, comprehensive, and impartial agriculture data for every state and county in the nation.  AFBF Vice President of Public Policy, Sam Kieffer said the data from the survey is used to shape local and federal decisions.


“It's used by lawmakers not only at the federal level, but also at state and local level to make important decisions that impact rural communities. The Census of Agriculture is also used by organizations like Farm Bureau and those who advocate on behalf of farm and ranch families. It's also used by community planners and others making decisions that impact how land is used at the local level.”


And, Kieffer stressed, federal law mandates your data must remain confidential.


“Farmers and ranchers are concerned about their farm data and understandably so. But the USDA in this case, particularly it's the National Agricultural Statistics Service, they are bound by federal law to keep data secure, and they only publish the data in aggregated terms. So, no individual names or addresses or identifying features are released in any of the data. Instead, it is truly just aggregated information that is put out for public use.”


Farmers and ranchers have until February 6th to respond to the Census of Agriculture.  If you have questions contact your local USDA office, or visit the USDA's Census Of Ag Website. 


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