This year is a milestone for Massey Ferguson, as the company celebrates 175 years of serving farmers.  Adam Sills, marketing product specialist with Massey Ferguson, said the company is focusing on a renewed dedication to farmer-focused innovation.

“We've all kind of taken a step to kind of reflect on kind of where we've began with Daniel Massey, Allison Harris and Harry Ferguson there, we've really tried to focus on where did those gentlemen come from? Right? They all came from a farming background, mechanical background, and they really sought out and started to really fix a problem, and make it simple, right. And I think that's something that we've really tried to focus on as we are growing and as we are coming out with new tractors and such, is how do we make things simple, but still make them affordable and, and perform out in the field for those farmers.”

Sills said the future of Massey Ferguson and farm equipment will include more technology to help producers.

“As Massey Ferguson works towards 200 years, you'll see more of evolution with technology. I think what we're seeing currently is, I'm noticing more adoption with smaller farms. I see those farmers are realizing the benefit, it’s becoming more affordable, right? Because it's getting more simpler, it's getting more mass produced, and it's starting to trickle down into those smaller farms," Ferguson noted.  "And really, what we want to do is we want technology to be able to inform those farmers to make the right decisions.”

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