As Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden led Wednesday’s session pushing to approve the nomination of Doug McKalip as Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the USTR.


"These days, Americans are paying more for their groceries but getting less, and our farms and ranches are getting clobbered by inflation and drought.  Americans aren’t alone in dealing with these crises.  Amid a pandemic, war on climate change, food is in short supply around the world.  Smart trade policy is one important solution to hunger in the 21st century.”


Wyden said McKalip has the experience to tackle these issues.  And he has the needed background to help get Oregon products to international markets, even as some countries block American Ag products in violation of existing trade agreements.


“We do a lot of things well in Oregon. What we do especially well is we grow things; for example, potatoes and other agricultural products. So this is an extremely important position and Mr. McKalip is certainly qualified for this job.”


Wyden said McKalip would also lead efforts to promote affordable, abundant food supplies at home and abroad.


McKalip’s nomination still needs full Senate approval. 


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